The Basic Kit costs $65.75 and includes:

 O  Gold-Lettered Minute Book & Case ("Binder & Sleeve")
       in Black or Burgundy

 O  20 Printed Stock Certificates (with or without Restrictions*)

 O  Corporate Seal in Two-Hole Punched Binder Pouch
 O  5 Kit Dividers

 O  Blank Minute Paper
 O  Stock Transfer Ledger 

                                               Partial Kits are also available
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* The following Restrictions may be requested for the reverse of the Certificate:

Restriction #1:

Any stockholder, including the heirs, assigns, executors or administrators of a deceased stockholder, desiring to sell, transfer or pledge such stock owned by him or them, shall first offer it to the corporation through the Board of Directors, in the manner following:
      He shall notify the directors of his desire to sell or transfer by notice in writing, which notice shall contain the price at which he is willing to sell or transfer and the name of the arbitrator. The directors shall within thirty days thereafter either accept the offer, or by notice to him in writing name a second arbitrator, and these two shall name a third. It shall then be the duty of the arbitrators to ascertain the value of the stock, and if any arbitrator shall neglect or refuse to appear at any meeting appointed by the arbitrators, a majority may act in the absence of such arbitrator.
      After the acceptance of the offer, or the report of the arbitrators as to the value of the stock, the directors shall have thirty (30) days within which to purchase the same at such valuation, but if at the expiration of thirty days, the corporation shall not have exercised the right to so purchase, the owner of the stock shall be at liberty to dispose of the same in any manner he may see fit.
      No shares of stock shall be sold or transferred on the books of the corporation until these provisions have been complied with, but the Board of Directors may in any particular instance waive the requirements.

Restriction #2:

The shares represented by this certificate are subject to restriction on transfer, a copy of which will be furnished by the Company to the holder of this certificate upon written request and without charge.

Restriction #3:

These shares have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933. They may not be offered or transferred by sale, assignment, pledge or otherwise unless (i) a registration statement for the shares under the Securities Act of 1933 is in effect or (ii) the corporation has received an opinion of counsel which opinion is satisfactory to the corporation, to the effect that such registration is not required under the Securities Act of 1933.